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Got your coffee/wine?  Settled in?  Let me tell you about how I think about what I do, and how that impacts you, and why you should hire me to plan your wedding.


Weddings are theater, production, I create an experience for your guests.  My focus is connection; creating and holding space for something sacred and significant to happen.  Part of my process is getting to know you, so that together we’re able to host an event that is a celebration of you, your life, and that tells the story of the beginning of your family. 

I've been a Vail wedding planner for about 18 years, and was a non-profit event planner before that.  Initially it was the excitement of social events that attracted me to event planning, but as I've aged, and my children have grown and I've been witness to hundreds of weddings of all sorts I've come to understand what it is that I really love about this whole process.  Weddings are theater, and they are art, and they are story-telling.  Getting to know you, crafting an event that celebrates you, holding space for something significant to happen, telling the story of your family, witnessing the inception of your new family, participating in ritual and tradition, all of it is so gratifying.  I'm an artist, and given the freedom will create a totally custom event for you. I find myself frequently serving in roles that are not traditionally the domain of your wedding planner.  I build your wedding website (for guest communication), I've created custom paintings and other artwork for my brides, last week I found myself catering a small dinner party for one couple, snapping behind the scenes photos, making the floral centerpieces for rehearsal dinner, chopping down an aspen tree to use in the event design... my job is varied and weird and I love it all.  If you are looking for a spectacular event, in the mountains of Colorado, or elsewhere, call me, and let's see what we can dream up together.  I've done weddings in Vail, Aspen, Napa, Santa Barbara and Hawaii.  All are events that I'm so grateful to have had a small role in.  Let's tell your story together.

A note on packages and pricing.  I charge a flat rate for full service wedding planning.  I am not percentage based which allows me to better advocate for you.  I can bring you options that suit your style and your budget without worrying how it will impact my own bottom line.  My rate is structured so that I can run my company, pay my employees and contractors without nickel and diming you to death.  I am all-in.  I don't charge extra to do your rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch, to assemble and deliver your welcome bags, to build your website.  My services includes my travel to your home state, so I can see where you live and get to know you. Call today to receive my lookbook with pricing.  

Contact Me.

Also a note on inclusivity.  I Do is LGTBQ friendly, and plans weddings for any race/religion/orientation.  

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Custom, couture wedding planning, design, styling, photography & film available.

Looking for corporate events?  Find me here!  www.IDoEvents.party